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Western kenya culture

KIT- MIKAYE: According to the Luo legend, these famous rocks form the place where Mikaye (the mother of Luo tribe) sheltered herself after a long journey down the Nile. The local people still believe that Mikaye can be spotted around this place to this today.

LWANDA MAGERE STONE: Lwanda was a Luo warrior, it is believed that during his time he turn into a stone and that he could fight and nobody could kill him. At one time war broke between Luo and Kipsigis tribes, Lwanda - which means the rock - killed very many people during this war. After peace was negotiated Lwanda was given a woman from the kipsigis tribe whom he married. This woman learned and knew the secret of Lwanda?s life (His shadow was his true self). One day when Lwanda fall sick the woman was told by Lwanda to treat his own shadow. The war broke out again and the woman went back to tell her people the secret of Lwanda. On the day he died he killed so many people before they finally tried what what their daughter had told them, finally one of the warriors took his spear and threw it at the shadow of Lwanda who fell down and died but not before killing the person who had pierced him. He turned into a stone which can still be seen today. The people around this place believe that this is a true story.

RAMOGI HILLS: Ramogi (the father of Luo tribe ) settled here after long journey from Uganda with his people. You can visit this home which is now a forest. There is a stone which is believed was previously a bull which turned into a rock.

CRYING ROCKS: This is a place of ceremony. Climb the rocks and get the history of these rocks from local people. Situated on the western part of Kenya in Kakamega district, Khayega.


DAY 1 NAIROBI - KISUMU Leave Nairobi to Kit - Mikaye via Kisumu arriving in the afternoon. Explore the legendary stone. Overnight at Kit -Mikaye.

DAY 2 KIT - MIKAYE - NDERE ISLAND NATIONAL PARK After breakfast leave for Kaloka beach as you walk down the lake you can chat with local people on the way. Arrive at the beach at around 9.00 am and then continue to the Island by boat. Explore in search of large crocodiles, impalas and swamp antelopes, birds etc. Ndere (meeting place) according to Luo legendary is the place Mikaye the mother of the Luo tribe rested after her long journey down the Nile valley. In the evening go fishing with the local fishermen. Overnight at Kaloka beach.

DAY 3 KALOKA - KISUMU - NAIROBI After breakfast leave for Kisumu on Lake Ferry then continue by road to Nairobi, arriving in the evening.

All Inclusive Price = US $550 per person in group of 4 or more


DAY 1 NAIROBI-KISUMU Leave Nairobi for Kit -Mikaye via Kisumu. Kit Mikaye according to the Luo legendary story is the rock where Mikaye the (mother of the Luo tribe) sheltered herself after along journey. In the evening visit the famous rock on the surrounding village , dinner and overnight at Kit -Mikaye.

DAY 2 KIT- MIKAYE - NDERE ISLAND NATIONAL PARK After breakfast trek to the lake shore then catch a boat to Ndere Island National park. According to Luo legendary story Ndere (meeting place) is where Mikaye the mother of the Luo rested after along journey down the Nile to the lake Victoria before reaching her home Kit- Mikaye. The day is spent in search of lakes largest crocodiles, monitor lizards, birds, water antelopes etc. Enjoy fishing in the evening and taste your catch for dinner overnight.

DAY 3 KALOKA - KISUMU - KAKAMEGA Leave Kaloka by boat or by road to Kisumu then proceed to Kakamega forest. Spend the evening exploring the famous tropical forest looking for colobus monkeys many types of reptiles and birds.

DAY 4 KAKAMEGA - NAIROBI In the morning explore the forest and then transfer back to Nairobi.

All Inclusive Price = US $700 per person in group of 4 or more

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